Polarizing & Unusual

Make a great first impression with this
modern tool - be known as the one
"in touch with technology"


Pioneering Connections

No phone app needed - works on 99% of modern mobile devices


Modern Appearance

Stand out from the crowd by
using this business oriented set up

It is time to evolve the Business Card!
Originally used as visiting cards in China since the 15th century, the Business Card was then utilized as a calling card in Europe in the 16th century. Starting around 1920 it was considered essential in business to present during meetings.

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Contactless business card exchange - especially important during COVID19

Stay true to Business Card Etiquettes - just change the Tool!

Contactless exchange

A traditional business card was just handed to you - wondering where that has been?? Dare we say COVID19?

Quick tab on the phone

NFC technology works as close as 4cms (1.5 inches), is user friendly and safe to transmit data wirelessly

Near Field Communication

Originally patented in 1983 and seen some usage since the early 2000s. With upgrades on mobile devices readily available now

You can decide what fields would be shown on your Qi Card

So much more than "just" a Business Card

Tired of manually adding a contact's information into your mobile device? The Qi Card offers one-click additions to various applications your mobile device. The information transferred is completely up to you. You are in control of the content on your Qi Card!
Of these general section you can decide what fields would be shown on your Qi Card/Profile:

  • Your General Information (think of Name, email, Phone No, etc)
  • Company Information (Company Name, Phone No, web URL, address, presentations, Business Social Media accounts, etc)
  • Personal Information (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Whatsapp, WeChat, Twitter, Youtube, etc - all registered trademarks)
QI card